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Fri Jan 14 08:39:05 EST 2005

Roy Lawrence opined
>The same could be said for all of York County in
>Maine. It's the highest populated county in the state
>and has no radio station of it's own anymore. Each
>station has moved their studio to Portland, Portsmouth
>or Dover and as for 92.1 in Sanford, it's now out of
>state in Lynn, Massachusetts. Talk about a stretch!

Since we all know that the community service requirements
have been "relaxed", perhaps the best way to bring it home
is to require each station to conspicuously broadcast
at specific times during the day a message (not buried
like WQSX's Legal ID) that pointedly enumerates precisely
how much "local" service the station provides it's community 
of license which should also be clearly identified.  That way
the amount of service is not mandated, but at least it's

"This is WXYZ-FM licensed to the community Abracadabra. Our
studios are not located in Abracadabra.  We devote 1% of 
our broadcast day to providing local service to the 
community of Abracadabra."

Given sufficient stringency in guidelines for determining
service to COL, a good dose of red tape and a very narrow 
interpretation of the rules, it might be an eye-opener to 
the residents of a community how little local service they 

Of course, I could also wish for lower taxes and higher 
income, too!

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