Walmart and freedom of the press

Joseph Pappalardo
Thu Jan 6 15:37:05 EST 2005

From: "Donna Halper"

> But Walmart tried
> to confiscate his camera, citing a policy that no pictures can be taken on
> Walmart property without permission-- not even pictures of breaking
> news.  All pictures must be approved in advance-- here is their stated
> policy.  Does this make sense to anyone?

Once you step onto private property, don't you have to abide by the rules of
the long as said rules don't break the law?

No fixing cars in leaving cars overnight....etc., to name just a
few of the rules we take for granted.

Unless you are one that believes that journalists have special rights, as
was discussed in the WJAR-TV journalist story (who refused to divulge a

Now, if he stood on the edge of the property and took the picture, I would
think they couldn't have said much about that.

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