Walmart and freedom of the press

Donna Halper
Thu Jan 6 15:54:50 EST 2005

>Joe said--
>Unless you are one that believes that journalists have special rights, as
>was discussed in the WJAR-TV journalist story (who refused to divulge a

Umm, not the conversation I was having.  This isn't about 'special rights' 
or about any partisan right wing or left wing issues.  It's a question 
about what "freedom of the press" means in today's society.  In other 
words, my question was about whether a reporter, be it for radio or print 
or TV, has the right to cover a breaking story or if they have to get a 
corporation's permission in order to do their job.  (sound of Edward R. 
Murrow spinning in his grave...) 

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