New calls for 700 Orange MA

Dan Strassberg
Wed Jan 5 07:39:50 EST 2005

A good guess about the significance of WJOE is Jesus on Earth. Also, do you
know where the WCAT calls resided before they arrived in Orange? Rapid City
SD (1230, I think). This was a very old west-of-the-Mississippi station with
sequentially assigned W calls (a la WBAP and WFAA).

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> Actually, it's not the only calls they ever had.  For a time in the late
> 80s, 700 had the WPNS calls (for P&S Broadcasting).  Ownership reverted
> back to WCAT because people started calling it .... welll, you know.  :)
> Prior to that, WCAT was on 1390.   Ordinarilly, I'd pine about history
> thrown away, but in this case I'm not sure there's much heritage to call
> upon.  It was a good sounding local station until about 1984, although
> of any semblence of a staff was reduced to two, and a part timer in 1982,
> and satellite service installed in 1984 (SMN).   The last couple of years
> it's been Hispanic Christian, since they returned to the air just in time
> avoid deletion after the new tower was installed.
> Embarassingly enough, I have an aircheck of me doing morning drive in 1983
> there.  It's awful - can't believe I kept it hehe.
> As Hendrix sang... "Hey Joe....
> >
> >This evening's change report from my friends at M Street says they've
> >dropped their calls of WCAT (the only ones they've ever had, right?) to
> >become WJOE. How that fits with the leased-time "Radio Adonai" Spanish
> >religion they've been running, I do not know.
> >
> >Mr. Wollman is no doubt waiting with baited breath for a similar call
> >change down the road in Gardner...
> >
> >s
> >

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