New calls for 700 Orange MA

Steve West
Wed Jan 5 05:22:32 EST 2005

Actually, it's not the only calls they ever had.  For a time in the late 
80s, 700 had the WPNS calls (for P&S Broadcasting).  Ownership reverted them 
back to WCAT because people started calling it .... welll, you know.  :)

Prior to that, WCAT was on 1390.   Ordinarilly, I'd pine about history being 
thrown away, but in this case I'm not sure there's much heritage to call 
upon.  It was a good sounding local station until about 1984, although most 
of any semblence of a staff was reduced to two, and a part timer in 1982, 
and satellite service installed in 1984 (SMN).   The last couple of years 
it's been Hispanic Christian, since they returned to the air just in time to 
avoid deletion after the new tower was installed.

Embarassingly enough, I have an aircheck of me doing morning drive in 1983 
there.  It's awful - can't believe I kept it hehe.

As Hendrix sang... "Hey Joe....

>This evening's change report from my friends at M Street says they've 
>dropped their calls of WCAT (the only ones they've ever had, right?) to 
>become WJOE. How that fits with the leased-time "Radio Adonai" Spanish 
>religion they've been running, I do not know.
>Mr. Wollman is no doubt waiting with baited breath for a similar call 
>change down the road in Gardner...

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