Air America's night signal

Scott Fybush
Mon Jan 3 22:51:03 EST 2005

At 10:29 PM 1/3/2005, you wrote:
><<On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 21:51:26 -0500, "Jeff Lehmann" 
><> said:
> > 1430 is mostly Newark/New York with WENE Binghamton in at times.
>1430's NIF is really horrible -- I don't remember the number, nor do I
>have permission to publish it if I did, but it gets absolutely
>*creamed* by Endicott at night.  (Sort of similar to what Troy does to
>WCAP, only worse.)  I've heard both Endicott and Newark here, as well
>as Toronto.  (Obviously I've not heard anything on 1200 other than
>WKOX, since they're about two air miles away from me.  If for some
>reason they went off, I expect I'd hear Syracuse, poorly, and WLIB
>quite well.)

You might even have a shot at WOAI if conditions are right. 1200's a weird, 
weird channel these days. I don't hear Syracuse in Rochester, at least not 
on the night pattern (and not day anymore, either, since WHAM went IBOC). 
For me, 1200 is CFGO Ottawa as often as it's anything else. I hear WKOX 
every once in a while at sunset, too. Remember when WGNY in Newburgh NY 
moved from 1220 to 1200 under a long-running STA? It eventually had to go 
back to 1220, but its owners have a CP for a new 1200 in Kingston NY and a 
pending application to move that facility south to the Poughkeepsie area.

As for 1430, the Endicott facility is a barn-burner. I was just there a few 
weeks ago visiting the TX site. They've got a new BE AM6A transmitter there 
that gets out well, and the night pattern is a five-tower in-line teardrop 
that blasts to the northeast (maximum lobe field strength is 1887 mV/m at 1 
km, quite impressive for a 5 kW station.) And did I mention that it's up on 
a hill, so the array really launches that skywave towards Boston?

When CC ended up with both WXKS and WENE, I wondered if they mightn't try 
to upgrade WXKS at WENE's expense. But my guess is that all the other 
protections involved (1430 Newark NJ, 1430 Toronto, 1440 Worcester, 1440 
Westbrook ME, 1420 New Bedford, 1450 Newburyport, etc.) would have made any 
useful upgrade prohibitively expensive.


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