Air America's night signal

Anderton, J T
Tue Jan 4 10:37:57 EST 2005

Scott invited me to join this thread with details on WXKS's nighttime
situation.  The NIF for WXKS is 41.879.  WENE's contribution would limit
WXKS to 29.794 mVm.  It radiates approximately 15-kw toward Boston at
night.  WNSW Newark would limit WXKS to 29.431.  It radiates
approximately 8,750 watts toward Boston.  The next three contibutors to
WXKS's NIF are CKYC Toronto, at 4.546; WVAM Altoona at 2.511 and WXNT
Indianapolis at 1.166.  Since WENE and WNSW each contribute about the
same amount of interference, and since both are far more than half (or
even a quarter) of the next contributor, to take away WENE would still
leave the NIF in Boston at 29.431.  Unless WNSW could somehow be
modified to suppress signal toward Boston (highly unlikely since Boston
and NYC are in the same general direction from their towers), WXKS would
still have a very high NIF.  

J T Anderton

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> 1430 is mostly Newark/New York with WENE Binghamton in at times.

1430's NIF is really horrible -- I don't remember the number, nor do I
have permission to publish it if I did, but it gets absolutely
*creamed* by Endicott at night.  (Sort of similar to what Troy does to
WCAP, only worse.)  I've heard both Endicott and Newark here, as well as
Toronto.  (Obviously I've not heard anything on 1200 other than WKOX,
since they're about two air miles away from me.  If for some reason they
went off, I expect I'd hear Syracuse, poorly, and WLIB quite well.)


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