Air America's night signal

Scott Fybush
Mon Jan 3 23:11:55 EST 2005

At 11:06 PM 1/3/2005, Garrett Wollman wrote:
><<On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 23:00:13 -0500 (EST), Stephanie Weil 
><> said:
> > Considering that WKOX is federally licenced, can't that over-ride some
> > hokey-pokey city council's decision?
>No.  Just because the Federal government says you *may* do something,
>does not imply that other levels of government must allow you to do
>it.  However, in our system, some regulatory powers are reserved to
>the Feds, so a locality must base its action on something that it has
>the legal authority to regulate.
>If the WKOX move had not involved substantial construction, the City
>of Newton would not have had authority to deny permission for the

And given that the stated reason for the city's denial of the construction 
plans was concern about high RF levels in the neighborhood abutting the 
site, I still can't understand why they didn't do it thusly: come up with a 
plan for WUNR (the existing station there) to go from its current two-tower 
5 kW night operation to five shorter towers, still with 5 kW, and hence no 
additional RF concerns - and only THEN, once the towers were built, quietly 
add WKOX and WRCA to the site?

So many mysteries...


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