Wall Street Week/Fortune

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> Dividing satellite subscriber base by channel is, at best, a pretty
> poor attempt at radio-industry apology. It's simply an example of the
> 'old think' that is ruining radio and implies that satellite listeners
> are loyal only to one channel, which is far from the case.

OK.  Let's stick with the big numbers.  4.5 million vs. how many who listen 
to traditional radio?  150 million?  200 million?

> I'm sorry, but tired old radio industry formulas like cume simply
> don'y apply. XM saw it's subscriber base increase by nearly 70% last
> year. Can you think of a radio station that can ever claim anything
> that approximates?

There are lots of examples of stations that changed formats and increased 
their ratinsg by 70%.  In Portland, 107.5 went from country to class rock 
and its ratings more than doubled.

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