Stephanie Miller Shoots Up

Dan Strassberg
Sat Feb 12 13:59:16 EST 2005

My guess is that the link between CCU and Jones Networks is far too strong
for CCU to contemplate replacing Miller with Springer. I predict that,
instead, CCU stations that carry progressive talk will broadcast Miller on
delay, but will not drop her. They will drop Randi Rhodes, who in my
opinion, is Air America's strongest talent--no contest. The problem is that
CCU doesn't like what Rhodes has to say. At the moment, some CCU stations,
such as WKOXKS, are probably contractually obligated to carry Rhodes, but
she is already on delay in this market (and I think is not carried live on
ANY CCU progressive talker). She is going to be out for medical reasons for
the next month--replaced by "best of" on some days and by other AAR talent
on other days. However, as soon as the contractual obligations end, I think
Rhodes will be history on CCU stations--unless they shuffle her to
overnights. Not that she COULD help her case with the right-wingnuts who run
CCU, but publicly declaring over the air, as she has done several times,
that she doesn't trust CCU and doesn't like Ed Schultz certainly can't help
the situation. Bottom line is if you are a Randi fan, which I certainly am,
you'll have to get satellite radio (I believe AAR is on both Sirius and XM)
or you will have to listen to the streaming audio from the AAR Web site.

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> No, she doesn't use drugs (I think);
> had a headline indicating that ratings for Stephanie Miller
> in some markets shot skyward like a North Korean missile.
> However the link they provided (the Ed Schultz show website)
> did not back up the story.  So I found it on a GERMAN website:
> Stephanie is going to have to get big ratings FAST lest
> CCU replace her on its O&O's with Jerry Springer!
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