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hykker@grolen.com hykker@grolen.com
Thu Dec 29 16:57:56 EST 2005

> While shopping in a Dollar-Tree store 2 weeks ago, I was surprised and
> refreshed to hear something new - The "Dollar Tree Network" not playing
> Christmas Music, but "Unsafe Oldies."  '
(unsafe playlist deleted)
> Since there are Dollar Tree Stores all over the US (well, atleast  Raymond
> New Hampshire & Albany Orgeon) is it economically feasible to have a
> satellite channel just for BG music at a dollar store?  Or is it possible
> that somebody is syndicating Oldies via Satellite with a PC on site that
> mixes in local spots (Dollar Tree) with the dry network feed?

I've never been in a Dollar Tree store, but Hannaford supermarkets have
their own "network" of sorts that's distributed to all their stores.  They
have a surprisingly deep 50s/60s oldies mix in the morning, mid-days is
70s and afternoon/evenings it's a fairly hip AC mix.  Generic
Hannaford-specific messages are interspersed at various intervals (not to
be confused with individual store messages which over-ride the
music/"network" messages).  When it switches from one era to another it's
abrupt, and often in mid-song so it's likely they're using several music
channels (Muzak?).  The switching is not done in the stores.  Could be
Dollar Tree is doing something similar.  (since the chain is headquartered
in Portland, Me this is sort of on topic)

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