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Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
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hykker@grolen.com wrote:

>>While shopping in a Dollar-Tree store 2 weeks ago, I was surprised and
>>refreshed to hear something new - The "Dollar Tree Network" not playing
>>Christmas Music, but "Unsafe Oldies."  '
>I've never been in a Dollar Tree store, but Hannaford supermarkets have
>their own "network" of sorts that's distributed to all their stores.  They
>have a surprisingly deep 50s/60s oldies mix in the morning, mid-days is
>70s and afternoon/evenings it's a fairly hip AC mix.  G
Several years ago we looked at a marketing a background music system 
from a company that claimed to be an off-shoot of some radio automation 
company (they never identified which one).  They were leasing a 
preloaded Pentium class computer with a customer tweaked playlist of 
music.  You would program "formats" for each daypart, much as described 
above.  The machine would call in every other day on its modem (pre 
broadband days) and upload new music, delete old songs from the rotation 
and send playlist reports for ASCAP/BMI licensing.  Customers would 
subscribe to a format, such as AC or dinner jazz and could request 
specific titles as well as being "force fed" adds.  The system also 
would program in a "spot load" of client specific elements.

The company tweaked the product several times during our negotiations 
and struck me as talking out of both sides of their mouths.  We elected 
not to handle the product.  The company was "American Music 
Environments" and they're still in business:


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