102.5 to Spanish? Nahhh.....

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
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NOBODY on this list has suggested that 102.5 will flip to Spanish. Reread
the postings--this time with your eyes open! Scott Fybush did suggest that
99.5 might flip. Its Tx location, right next to Lawrence, which is something
like 80% Hispanic, makes it a logical candidate. But if 99.5 brings Greater
Media, say, $60 million in a forced sale, there is still the question of
whether it is economically justifiable to flip to Spanish a Massachusetts
station that has cost its purchaser that much. Other scenarios can be
postulated--involving other signals that are Boston rimshots. This is a
field day for speculation by those of us with no money but plenty of wild
imagination. Joseph Gallant, who no longer posts to this list, must be

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> Despite all the possibilities and rumors, the chances of a 100-million
dollar FM'er going Spanish is probably one of the more far-fetched format
ideas to come down the pike.  Why?  Mass market.  While it may appear that
the Hispanic audience may be large - it is no where near the "critical mass"
that would allow for an investment in an all-Spanish FM format in Boston, as
compare to New York or even in the South.  The numbers ($$$ and population)
just don't (and won't) add up.  In order for an FM spanish format to be
successful, ad rates would have to be through the roof to help offset the
cost of a 100-million dollar purchase.

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