102.5 to Spanish? Nahhh.....

Peter Murray pete@partnercomm.com
Fri Dec 16 12:38:39 EST 2005

bradfordwood@comcast.net wrote:

>Despite all the possibilities and rumors, the chances of a 100-million dollar FM'er going Spanish is probably one of the more far-fetched format ideas to come down the pike.  Why?  Mass market.  While it may appear that the Hispanic audience may be large - it is no where near the "critical mass" that would allow for an investment in an all-Spanish FM format in Boston, as compare to New York or even in the South.  The numbers ($$$ and population) just don't (and won't) add up.  In order for an FM spanish format to be successful, ad rates would have to be through the roof to help offset the cost of a 100-million dollar purchase.
>Brad Wood
I believe what Garrett was indicating is that 99.5 could go Spanish - 
and it is no $100M signal (though the former WPLY 100.3 in Media, PA (a 
similar rimshot at the time) was sold to Radio One in 1999 for $80M). 
Given the ethnicity of the  population in that area, it would be a 
strong possibility. Perhaps CBS Radio would pick it up and do what they 
did with DC/Baltimore rimshot (formerly WHFS, now WLZL) 99.1 in Annapolis.

102.5 is certainly a potential $100M+ signal (for the same reason that 
the 3BR townhouse I'm renting within walking distance of the Vienna 
Metro would sell for 250 times what I pay in monthly rent)...


Peter Murray (N3IXY)
Vienna, VA

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