Charles River Broadcasting Puts Its Stations Up For Sale

Thu Dec 15 12:37:38 EST 2005

Rumour here is the Red Sox are in the mix...


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Classical 107.3, WAAF 102.5? Not to be... (read on...)

Herald article, linked below,, rules out Entercom and
CBS Radio  as the suitors. The article says that had Entercom been
successful they would have moved WAAF to 102.5 and 107.3 would be classical.
But which case, classical radio in Boston may be even more of a 
duck than Willard Mitt Romney.

>> Entercom Communications Corp., the powerhouse that runs WEEI, WRKO,
MIKE FM and WAAF locally, made a serious run but came in below the top
bidder. Entercom liked WCRB's strong FM signal, but was apparently
more interested in buying ABC Radio from the Walt Disney Co. — which
by the way, Entercom is expected to successfully accomplish.

On 12/15/05, Shawn Mamros <> wrote:
> Don't know if anyone else noticed it, but the Glob is reporting this
> morning that CRB is planning an announcement of their sale soon.
> No word on who it is, but we know at least one who it isn't -
> Woody Tanger.  His $60.5 million bid was turned down as being
> "substantially too low".
> Unless somebody like Bill Gates likes classical music so much that
> he bought the station just to have something to listen to on those
> rare occasions when he's in town, I think it's pretty safe to say
> that classical music on 102.5 will soon be going, going, gone.
> (And Ted Jones' trust isn't going to prevent it either, unless
> there's anybody living who represents the trust that would counter
> Charles River Broadcasting's opinion that the trust only expresses
> a wish to keep the station classical, not a command.)
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