The Taste of...New York? (Bob Grant displaced)

Bob Nelson
Thu Dec 15 13:44:38 EST 2005

For those wondering why WRKO is doing Taste of Boston Tonight: Read on.

WRKO's former sister station in the RKO-General days, WOR, is letting
longtime talker Bob Grant go (I never really listened to him but I
think Jerry Williams used to praise him). Replacement? According to NY Post:

"WOR (710 AM) will replace Grant with chef Rocco DiSpirito, who was
the central figure in NBC's star-crossed reality show, "The
Restaurant," and who currently does "Food Talk" in the late morning.
The move appears to be more about money than ratings. Grant has WOR's
highest share of daytime audience, and DiSpirito nearly the lowest,
but food shows — like the other specialty shows WOR carries — fetch
premium rates from sponsors who target specialized, if smaller,

So this may explain WRKO's introduction of Taste of Boston tonight?

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