WEEI gives Adams the slot (after "stunt"?)

John Francini francini@mac.com
Thu Dec 15 11:04:56 EST 2005

While it may have been a stunt, it literally had me on the edge of my  
seat. Somehow, I don't think that Mike Adams is capable of 'acting',  
especially in such a sustained manner, over the course of several hours.

I think it had the 'ring of truth' to it.  Especially the phone call  
earlier in the evening where Mike blew up Jason's phone call.  I was  
out with friends so I didn't hear what transpired after that point  
until about 9:30 or so.  When I turned it back on, Jason was offering  
Adams the gig over the phone, over the air.

And I bet the carpenters and electricians will be called in to re-do  
the studio design to prevent staff from being able to barricade  
themselves inside and 'hijack' the microphone controls as was alleged.

Even if it was all a stunt, it was a darn good one.

John Francini

On 15 Dec 2005, at 3:09, Bob Nelson wrote:

> It has been said on various places online that Mike Adams was to get
> the former Ted Sarandis time slot on WEEI;  that it was pretty much a
> done deal, and any on-air jabbering about 'EEI dragging their feet on
> giving him the slot was simply goofing around.
> So tonight, Mike supposedly locked himself in the studio (heavy  
> bookcase
> next to the door) and said that he had a deadline: he had to know NOW
> if WEEI was giving him the show. If not, he'd be accepting a job doing
> overnights in Cleveland (what, WKNR? I would highly doubt a Cle.
> station would have live and local overnight sports talk. If WEEI  
> wouldn't go
> for live/local overnight, WKNR surely wouldn't).
> Finally about halfway through--9:40 pm, PD Jason Wolfe called in  
> and said
> his cell phone battery was dead from having to answer all the calls
> (we have his private number?) and he'd gotten about 1,000 emails
> begging them to officially hire Mike. "I'm offering you the job."
> Mike gratefully accepted and it was said he officially starts tomorrow
> night, name of show to be determined. Later, Fox Sports Radio's JT The
> Brick (heard here on 'EEI ) congratulated Mike on officially
> inheriting the Sarandis time
> slot, and he also praised Wolfe.
> A stunt? I'm guessing yes. But you did tune in, didn't ya..I kept  
> going between
> that and political talk; something about a governor announcing he  
> wouldn't
> run again...

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