WEEI gives Adams the slot (after "stunt"?)

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 03:09:37 EST 2005

It has been said on various places online that Mike Adams was to get
the former Ted Sarandis time slot on WEEI;  that it was pretty much a
done deal, and any on-air jabbering about 'EEI dragging their feet on
giving him the slot was simply goofing around.

So tonight, Mike supposedly locked himself in the studio (heavy bookcase
next to the door) and said that he had a deadline: he had to know NOW
if WEEI was giving him the show. If not, he'd be accepting a job doing
overnights in Cleveland (what, WKNR? I would highly doubt a Cle.
station would have live and local overnight sports talk. If WEEI wouldn't go
for live/local overnight, WKNR surely wouldn't).

Finally about halfway through--9:40 pm, PD Jason Wolfe called in and said
his cell phone battery was dead from having to answer all the calls
(we have his private number?) and he'd gotten about 1,000 emails
begging them to officially hire Mike. "I'm offering you the job."
Mike gratefully accepted and it was said he officially starts tomorrow
night, name of show to be determined. Later, Fox Sports Radio's JT The
Brick (heard here on 'EEI ) congratulated Mike on officially
inheriting the Sarandis time
slot, and he also praised Wolfe.

A stunt? I'm guessing yes. But you did tune in, didn't ya..I kept going between
that and political talk; something about a governor announcing he wouldn't
run again...

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