Fybush: AAR to 1390 (Burl VT), country to 93.7

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Mon Aug 29 22:13:06 EDT 2005

>It so happens I was in Vermont today, and heard them announce this on 
>1070.  They said that 1390 will be carrying the entire AA lineup, I'm 
>guessing from the way they said it that 1070 currently does not?
>Anyone know, how does the 1390 signal compare with that of 1070?

1070's a daytimer, which is no fun in Vermont (or Plattsburgh, where it's 
actually located) in December. Even when it's on the air, 1070 is a lousy 
signal on the Vermont side, with 5 kW from a short tower. 1390 is also 5 
kW, day and night, from three towers right in Burlington. It's a far more 
potent signal on the Vermont side. IIRC, it's not especially impressive in 
Plattsburgh, particularly at night.


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