Vacuum tubes

Dan Strassberg
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Is that old RCA receiver in a wooden cabinet? If so, that may explain the
great sound to a much greater degree than do the tubes. That said, a group
of (wealthy) audio enthusiasts believe that "tube sound" is real. The
engineers I know think this is bunk and can prove it with all sorts of
repeatable, scientific measurements. However, since tubes have become scarce
and hence quite expensive, vacuum-tube audio equipment has become very
popular among those who are unimpressed by science and who delight in
spending lots of money to prove that they are true audio afficionados. These
same people also spend hundreds of dollars on gold-plated speaker cables and
other such claptrap. I wonder how many of them also believe in "intelligent

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> Last week I managed to get hold of an old RCA Victor table model AM-FM
radio.  Despite
> the hum from a bad filter capacitor, it has a really rich sound, and
(unlike newer sets) it has
> no trouble picking out WCRB from all the other strong signals around
Brookline.  I've ordered
> replacement capacitors online, and when they arrive and I get them
installed, I'll have a really
> great radio.
> In a conversation with a friend, the topic came up about the supposed
great sound quality of
> vacuum tube receivers.  I've heard this before, but I've heard some pretty
bad sound from
> some old vacuum tube equipment, too.  Is there really a different sound
quality from vacuum
> tubes?
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