Weather Channel logo, programming

Steve West
Tue Aug 16 10:29:11 EDT 2005

I noticed that too.  So, I'm not crazy after all... LOL.


1.  I don't like the blue square Weather Channel logo.  The old one was 
better (picking nits here..)

2.  Agree with you that there should be MUCH more emphasis on local severe 
weather and current US weather data.  They have the technology, why not 
monitor thunderstorm activity more closely - hell, even I'm interested in 
thunderstorm data for, say, St. Louis while I'm living 500 miles away.  Its 
better than 'Storm Stories' reruns.

3.  Perhaps this would be better suggested in an email to station 
management, but I think it's about time they launched a WC2 channel, just to 
run "Storm Stories" and old hurricane data.  Maybe do something with the 
History Channel just for Weather History.

4.  I was thinking about this this morning... does anyone remember several 
years ago when the Weather Channel actually put out a CD of the best known 
'hits' they played as background music?  I remember it vaguely as containing 
some choice cuts including a favorite of mine from Al Dimiola(sp), and some 
others.  Great Smooth Jazz album!  So can anyone tell me if they still offer 
it or where I could get it?

And... since a few of us actually pay attention to the Weather Channel 
programming, does that mean we're really BIG GEEKS, or just have too much 
time on our hands?

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