Weather Channel logo, programming

Lorraine Smith
Mon Aug 15 16:49:04 EDT 2005

  Bob Nelson:
  >In Boston there's no smooth jazz station so just about the only way
  >(outside of a couple college radio specialty shows) to hear smooth
  >jazz is to tune into those "weather on the 8s" forecasts. I nickname
  >smooth jazz "Weather Channel Music" because I associate it with TWC!

  >Last night there were heavy thunderstorms in the Boston area. Power
  >outages, flooding, etc. What was on the Weather Channel? Storm
  >Stories--stuff about past hurricanes, etc. WHAT ABOUT NOW? HOW ABOUT a
  >CURRENT weathercast? Guess I'll have to go online for that.

  When the wx is severe and the wx channel is running storm stories, I
  tune to weatherscan (comcast). They run the wx for Brockton & Plymouth,
  close enough for me to see what's going on in MetroWest. During 
  severe wx they usually just keep running the radar. They do not show a 
  wide view to the west though. The music is awful! I mute the music, 
  watch the radar and listen to all the activity on my scanner.


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