Weather Channel logo, programming

Bob Nelson
Mon Aug 15 11:25:34 EDT 2005

(About cable TV but since we get into other types of broadcasting...)

Weather Channel has new logo and programming. How about showing us
info about thunderstorms rolling through the area instead of showing
us old footage of
"Weather Channel" in Judgement City (in the movie "Defending Your Life":

(always good weather in Heaven!)

In Boston there's no smooth jazz station so just about the only way
(outside of a couple college radio specialty shows) to hear smooth
jazz is to tune into those "weather on the 8s" forecasts. I nickname
smooth jazz "Weather Channel Music" because I associate it with TWC!

I'll tune in for the forecasts and radar but that's about it.

Last night there were heavy thunderstorms in the Boston area. Power
outages, flooding, etc. What was on the Weather Channel? Storm
Stories--stuff about past hurricanes, etc. WHAT ABOUT NOW? HOW ABOUT a
CURRENT weathercast? Guess I'll have to go online for that.

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