Can WBZ's management/Viacom et al, be sued?

Shawn Mamros mamros@MIT.EDU
Wed Aug 10 21:47:50 EDT 2005

>Given the hypothetical I outlined, would, could, or should the manager(s)
>at WBZ or pick your favorite radio broadcast news outlet that decided to
>withhold "my hypothetical" story in order to release it at a time that
>could benefit their station in the ratings, and ultimately financially,
>be brought up on civil or criminal charges? <<

No more so than if said manager decided to air said "hypothetical" story,
and someone else took advantage of the reported (but unfixed) problem
to cause damage.

The only time there would be liability, IMO, is if someone knows that
somebody else is plotting a criminal act, and fails to report that fact
to the authorities.

Of course, in civil court, anybody can file a lawsuit against anyone
else.  Doesn't mean the suit will succeed, of course.  But when you
have relatives of The Station fire victims filing suits against a
radio station (?) and a beer company (???) for sponsoring the concert
- well, that's just a case of trying to hit the deepest pockets one
can find...

-Shawn Mamros
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