Can WBZ's management/Viacom et al, be sued?

Daniel Billings
Wed Aug 10 22:26:46 EDT 2005

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Subject: Can WBZ's management/Viacom et al, be sued?

>> Here is my question.
> Given the hypothetical I outlined, would, could, or should the manager(s)
> at WBZ or pick your favorite radio broadcast news outlet that decided to
> withhold "my hypothetical" story in order to release it at a time that
> could benefit their station in the ratings, and ultimately financially,
> be brought up on civil or criminal charges? <<

Certainly not criminal.  What law would they have broken?

I also doubt a court would let a civil suit go too far.  I think the a court 
would find compelling the argument that allowing editorial decisions to be 
second guessed by courts in civil suits would do great damage to the First 

Free speech and freedom of the press protect good decisions and bad 

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