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Keating Willcox
Tue Aug 2 16:14:02 EDT 2005

The discussion on Air America's popularity can be answered in a single 
word....ratings. Conservative talk shows are everywhere because of 
....ratings, plus the propensity of listeners to stay with a station 
through a station break. Opera and NPR don't have very good....ratings. 
That is why the government takes its money, that is your money, and spends 
it on these programs, and now that Air America has become an opportunity 
for Democrat in-kind fund raising, that sort of speaks to its poor ratings.

Does anyone have figures for how well these talk shows do on the sat 
broadcast? How about direct to cell-phone and direct streaming to other 
wireless devices?

I assume that in five years, the music portion of radio will be devastated 
by these new technologies, just as the recording industry has been 
destroyed by downloaded and I-pods. Maybe local talk and entertainment 
shows, s well as ethnic shows will be the last men standing???

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