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SteveOrdinetz hykker@grolen.com
Fri Apr 22 18:12:55 EDT 2005

  Mike G wrote:
> >From what I understand, so far the reviews of 93.7's switchover to Mike 
> has been less than enthusiastic, which is too bad.  For all of those 
> complaining that the don't want their dance music mixed in with their 
> rock music and vice versa, I think they have gotten too used to the 
> fragmentation of too many formats out there in radio land.  I can 
> certainly remember circa 1979 and disco was still in very heavy rotation 
> on most top 40 formats, yet here comes " Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 
> " by Pink Floyd going straight to number 1 and I don't remember anybody 
> complaining about what would be an AOR staple being mixed in with Donna 
> Summer and the like of the day.  If anything, the biggest complaint that 
> I have about 93.7 is that they have yet to fully embrace songs other than 
> what they used to play when they were Star 93.7.  The day I hear Frank 
> Sinatra, AC/DC, and Duran Duran played back to back and they do it with 
> consistancy, is when the format can work at it's best, IMO.  M!
>  aybe it's me, but I always thought that as long as the song was good no 
> matter if it was a " dance " song or a " rock " song and the DJ's were 
> entertaining, that it was why we listened to the radio in the first place.

That was then, this is now.  Even by the late 70s audiences were 
fragmenting...the rock crowd HATED disco, and the people who liked dance 
music were generally not fond of rock and neither one particularly cared 
for country.  You could get away with it (somewhat) back then, but as 
tastes grew stratified people gravitated to the stations that played their 
preferred genre.

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