Can Presque Isle Support A 50KW AM Station?

Scott Fybush
Mon Apr 18 19:05:41 EDT 2005

Riviere-du-Loup and Moncton are both long gone on AM.

Not sure if they're still internationally notified, but even so, there's
almost no first-adjacent protection across international borders these
days, especially when the ground conductivity's as awful as it is up there
atop all that rock.

s, in Vegas

> I noticed on the Northern  New England board at that
> 1390 way, W-A-Y up there in Presque Isle , ME has been authorized to
> broadcast
> with an output of 50,000 watts non-directional days.  I checked's
> feature that shows all the stations within a specified distance from a
> given
> set of coordinates, and there's a Canadian station on 1400 in Rivieredu
> Loup
> 107 miles away, and one on 1380 in Moncton  159 miles away (unless theyve
> turned in their licenses and decamped to FM).  The authorization doesn't
> show any critical hours restrictions, so several 1390's could get
> exceptional
> interference after sunrise and before sunset!  But the question remains:
> the electricity bill for a 50K AM transmitter can get pretty hefty with
> today's
> energy prices.  Is there enough business for a 50 KW AM station up there?
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