Can Presque Isle Support A 50KW AM Station?

Cooper Fox
Mon Apr 18 19:24:39 EDT 2005

> aside, even 20 years ago, the AM covered a lot of
> cities and towns in 
> Northern Maine, and the sales dept was trying to
> sell it like a regional 
> station.  Is there enough business in a bad economy?
>  That I cannot answer, 
> but the owners must think so or they wouldn't have
> spent the money... 

Right now, you can usually pick them up as far south
as just north of houlton.  With 50KW they'd cover all
of Aroostook with a heckuva signal.  I think there's
enough business in the area...  The citadel cluster up
there seems to do well.  They'd have the talk radio
market cornered, too  I believe WVOM is the closest
talk radio signal.  It's just a matter of running an
operation with a low overhead.

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