Can Presque Isle Support A 50KW AM Station?

Donna Halper
Mon Apr 18 18:47:47 EDT 2005

At 04:17 PM 4/18/2005 -0500, Laurence Glavin wrote:
>,,,But the question remains:
>the electricity bill for a 50K AM transmitter can get pretty hefty with 
>energy prices.  Is there enough business for a 50 KW AM station up there?

Well, I used to consult WEGP a long time ago, and it's in some rather 
barren territory-- number one in 18-24 caribou and moose... but all joking 
aside, even 20 years ago, the AM covered a lot of cities and towns in 
Northern Maine, and the sales dept was trying to sell it like a regional 
station.  Is there enough business in a bad economy?  That I cannot answer, 
but the owners must think so or they wouldn't have spent the money... 

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