Can Presque Isle Support A 50KW AM Station?

Laurence Glavin
Mon Apr 18 17:17:26 EDT 2005

I noticed on the Northern  New England board at that WEGP-AM
1390 way, W-A-Y up there in Presque Isle , ME has been authorized to broadcast
with an output of 50,000 watts non-directional days.  I checked's 
feature that shows all the stations within a specified distance from a given
set of coordinates, and there's a Canadian station on 1400 in Rivieredu Loup
107 miles away, and one on 1380 in Moncton  159 miles away (unless theyve 
turned in their licenses and decamped to FM).  The authorization doesn't
show any critical hours restrictions, so several 1390's could get exceptional
interference after sunrise and before sunset!  But the question remains:
the electricity bill for a 50K AM transmitter can get pretty hefty with today's
energy prices.  Is there enough business for a 50 KW AM station up there?
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