WGBH-FM Employment Opportunity

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sun Apr 17 13:43:05 EDT 2005

> On Sunday mornings when I'm up before 8:00 o'clock, I tune
> in to the J. S. Bach cantata WGBH-FM plays every week at that
> time.  After this morning's work (Cantata #52, thus a year since they
> restarted the cycle Robert J. Lurtsema started decades ago),
> the announcer said something like this: "Since you enjoy
> listening to WGBH, would you like to WORK for WGBH?
> We're now hiring account executives to help make local
> businesses aware of the fine programming on the Arts station."
> Hmmm..."account executives";  isn't that what time salesmen
> at COMMERCIAL stations are called?  I'm sure that there
> are people at WBUR-FM that do that type of thing, are THEY
> called "account executives"?  And I wonder
> if the individuals hired in response to this type of
> message are really WGBH employees, or like Willy Loman,
> essentially commission-only representatives?

The term "account executive" is in pretty common use these days in public
radio. I believe that's what we call ours at WXXI in Rochester.

I'm pretty sure ours are at least partially salaried, too. I would imagine
they could make more money in commercial radio, but I'm sure the benefits
and job security in public radio are better.


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