Star 93.7 becomes 93.7 Mike FM - the real reason

Bob Nelson
Sun Apr 17 13:38:32 EDT 2005

They're running announcements now with that Fast Freddy guy talking about how listeners were tired of other stations playing the same songs over and over, etc. Thus was Mike born...and he gave a phone number for listeners to call to express their opinions. ("We hope you listen--after all, I gotta eat!") he their only on-air guy besides the voice-guy-from-L.A.?

The ratings seemed pretty stable--as in, fairly anemic--so we'll
see if they improve. Maybe they want to pick up more people who are into rock/pop (and keep their dance/R&B-base). Surely more than a few listeners will gravitate elsewhere but if they play the occasional "Star"-ish cut, they may at least leave a button on their radio for Mike.

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A boilerplate e-mail from Star93.7's Marketing Director reveals the<br>reason for the switch - poor ratings

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