AirAmerica will no longer be on Sirius

Hakim Madjid
Fri Apr 15 14:41:39 EDT 2005

Larry Weil Writes:

>AirAmerica has entered a deal which makes XM the "Official satellite radio 
>station of AirAmerica".  As a result, AA will no longer be on Sirius when 
>their contract expires on June 12.  XM will have a new channel for Sirius, 
>which will include the full AA lineup, rather than the partial coverage 
>they have now.

>In my opinion, this is a boneheaded move by AA.  I'm sure they're getting 
>some money from XM for doing this, but they are really PO'ing their current 
>listeners on Sirius, many of whom bought Sirius in part to hear AA.  It is 
>just the type of monopolistc move that many of the listeners to AA would be 
>oposed to.

Nothing boneheaded or 'monopolistic' about it, IMHO. Just the free
enterprise system at work. No doubt AA management is looking at the
still much larger XM subscriber base, and the fact that XM will carry
the full AA line up.

73, DE Hakim (N1ZFF)

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