Globe "correction"

Dan Strassberg
Mon Apr 4 18:15:00 EDT 2005

Well then, Mr Mazzei should be fired. This is the second time in the past
year that a spokesman for a greater Boston AM has told the press that his
station's nighttime facilities were not as good as they are. The first time
it was the (then) GM of WWZN, who insisted in a couple of interviews that
the station's night power, which is actually 50 kW, was only 5 kW. But
Jurkowitz should not be let off the hook completely. According to the
report, he was able to hear both stations after sunset--albeit not very
clearly. When he was told that the stations have daytime-only licenses, he
should have pressed his source a little harder, as in, "Then tell me, how
come I can hear the stations at all at night? If they have daytime-only
licenses, shouldn't they go off the air after sunset?" There is a good wrong
answer to that question, too (PSSAs extend as much as two hours past local
sunset), but I doubt that that's what Jurkowitz was told.

Dan Strassberg,
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> > >   After informing the Globe's corrections dept. about the Mark
> > > Jurkowitz article (claiming that WKOX and WXKS are sunrise to
> > > sunset only)
> > > I received the following:
> > >
> > > "Mr. Jurkowitz has tried listening to those two stations at night and
> they
> > > can barely be heard. The spokesman for the two stations, Joe Mazzei,
> told
> > > him it was accurate to say they had a sunrise to sunset license."
> > >
> > > Well then Jurkowitz should have worded it as "they have to change
> > > direction or power down at sunset".
> Give the guy a break will ya?
> A spokesman for the station told him that they have a "sunrise to sunset"
> station.
> If that's what the spokeman for the stations are telling him....then he's
> off the hook as far as I am concerned.
> Give him some slack.

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