Globe "correction"

Joseph Pappalardo
Mon Apr 4 17:51:12 EDT 2005

> >   After informing the Globe's corrections dept. about the Mark
> > Jurkowitz article (claiming that WKOX and WXKS are sunrise to
> > sunset only)
> > I received the following:
> >
> > "Mr. Jurkowitz has tried listening to those two stations at night and
> > can barely be heard. The spokesman for the two stations, Joe Mazzei,
> > him it was accurate to say they had a sunrise to sunset license."
> >
> > Well then Jurkowitz should have worded it as "they have to change their
> > direction or power down at sunset".

Give the guy a break will ya?

A spokesman for the station told him that they have a "sunrise to sunset"

If that's what the spokeman for the stations are telling him....then he's
off the hook as far as I am concerned.

Give him some slack.

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