Globe "correction"

Joseph Pappalardo
Tue Apr 5 01:39:01 EDT 2005

> Well then, Mr Mazzei should be fired. This is the second time in the past
> year that a spokesman for a greater Boston AM has told the press that his
> station's nighttime facilities were not as good as they are. The first
> it was the (then) GM of WWZN, who insisted in a couple of interviews that
> the station's night power, which is actually 50 kW, was only 5 kW. But
> Jurkowitz should not be let off the hook completely. According to the
> report, he was able to hear both stations after sunset--albeit not very
> clearly.

Some stations have flea-powered night service....and they are, in effect,
daytime stations.  (i.e...the flea-power is of no use to anyone.)

If he heard the station, but deemed it unlistenable to him, and anyone else
he could imagine....the description as a "daytime station" was as close to
the truth as anyone would expect.

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