Two views on Prog. Talk

A. Joseph Ross
Sun Apr 3 18:35:32 EDT 2005

On 3 Apr 2005 at 13:29, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> The only CP WKOX holds for a power increase involves a move to WUNR's
> Newton site, and everybody on this list knows that the Newton Board of
> Aldermen shot that down last year by a 40 to 0 vote. As far as the FCC
> is concerned, though, the move to Newton and increase to 50 kW-U is an
> open issue because the CP was never cancelled. The text of the promo
> that WKOX has been running suggests that CCU is fighting the
> Aldermen's action in court, but as an attorney, you would have a
> better chance than I would of knowing whether that is the case
> (literally, I guess). I'm guessing that you don't know.

There are many cases filed in the courts every day, and I have no way of knowing about 
them unless I consult a particular docket.  I believe federal court dockets may be accessible 
online for a fee, but state court dockets are not.  I'm not curious enough to want to pay the 
> BTW, a week ago or so, you posted on why CCU might be listing WKOX
> ahead of WXKS whenever it refers to the two stations. Yes 1200 is a
> lower number than 1430. Moreover, WKOX comes ahead of WXKS in the
> alphabet. But also, I think that when and if WKOX ever gets its power
> increase, CCU is likely to sell off WXKS. I have to presume, too, that
> someone at CCU likes the WKOX calls and that the station would retain
> those calls if it ever gained a full-market signal. But that seems to
> be thinking too far ahead.

The refer to themselves on the air as AM 1200 and 1430, and while I haven't paid attention to 
a legal ID lately, I assume they also say WKOX before WXKS.

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