Two views on Prog. Talk

Dan Strassberg
Sun Apr 3 13:29:23 EDT 2005

The new transmitter is not related to the power increase. It's simply a
replacement of the existing 10 kW unit, which is 20 years old (assuming that
WKOX didn't use a "pre-owned" rig when it increased to 10 kW D and went
fulltime in 1985). Sid Schweiger would know whether WKOX's current TX was
new in '85  because he was CE of WKOX at that time. I don't have a clue
about whether WKOX would retain the existing TX as an auxiliary after the
new unit is installed. The current auxiliary is a 1-kW unit--presumably, it
was the main TX back when WKOX was a 1 kW daytimer.

The only CP WKOX holds for a power increase involves a move to WUNR's Newton
site, and everybody on this list knows that the Newton Board of Aldermen
shot that down last year by a 40 to 0 vote. As far as the FCC is concerned,
though, the move to Newton and increase to 50 kW-U is an open issue because
the CP was never cancelled. The text of the promo that WKOX has been running
suggests that CCU is fighting the Aldermen's action in court, but as an
attorney, you would have a better chance than I would of knowing whether
that is the case (literally, I guess). I'm guessing that you don't know.

BTW, a week ago or so, you posted on why CCU might be listing WKOX ahead of
WXKS whenever it refers to the two stations. Yes 1200 is a lower number than
1430. Moreover, WKOX comes ahead of WXKS in the alphabet. But also, I think
that when and if WKOX ever gets its power increase, CCU is likely to sell
off WXKS. I have to presume, too, that someone at CCU likes the WKOX calls
and that the station would retain those calls if it ever gained a
full-market signal. But that seems to be thinking too far ahead.

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> On 2 Apr 2005 at 15:52, Dan Strassberg wrote:
> > According to a technical person from WKOX who posted at
> >, the station has a new transmitter on order. This may
> > allow slightly greater average modulation levels, but I can't say that
> > I think WKOX isn't modulating enough. In true CCU fashion, the
> > modulation seems quite high, yet the audio sounds pretty clean to my
> > ear.
> They've been saying in station spots for the Web streaming that they're
"fighting" to increase
> their power.  I suppose this is one thing they're doing, but I wonder if
they're doing anything
> else.
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