Two views on Prog. Talk

Bob Nelson
Sat Apr 2 20:46:15 EST 2005

Donna wrote:

>> In the daytime, I can get WKOX (badly, but audibly) in parts of Amherst

I was picking it up half-decently in different parts of Connecticut (well, certainly Framingham is close to "the Quiet Corner" of the Nutmeg state); RI, and southern N.H.

>>At night, especially in Worcester and also along route 93/128, several other signals come in over WKOX, such as The Team 1200 out of Canada 

That happened to me around November or so--it was 5 pm, past
sunset of course, and on Rt 128 in Peabody and Lynnfield that Canadian sports station was fighting WKOX, and winning.

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