Two views on Prog. Talk

Sat Apr 2 09:04:04 EST 2005

Dan Strassberg wrote:
>Unfortunately, the Web site is
>something like In traffic, you get to look
>at a Taxi Top for maybe 10 seconds. Who is going to be able to memorize that
>l-o-o-o-n-n-g URL in 10 sec?

Which brings up an unrelated peeve of mine.  Businesses, the spelling of 
their name is not always obvious giving a web address as part of a radio 
ad, but not giving any clue as to how it's spelled.  One that immediately 
comes to mind is an auto dealership in Haverhill (I think).  Phonetically 
it sounds like "Jeffarian", though I'm sure that spelling isn't even 
close.  I wonder how many (few) hits their website gets from these radio ads?

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