Two views on Prog. Talk

Donna Halper
Sat Apr 2 12:13:38 EST 2005

At 06:52 AM 4/2/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>But if you saw it on a Taxi Top in Coolidge Corner, the cab was most likely
>a BROOKLINE cab, although it could have been a Boston cab. The likelihood of
>a cab from Medford, Malden or Everett, where WXKS is audible at night
>(albeit not so well in most of Medford) being seen in Coolidge Corner is
>quite small. As is the likelihood of a MetroWest cab or even a cab from
>Waltham, where WKOX is audible at night, being seen outside the commuities
>in which the cab is licensed to pick up fares.

But I am still mystified by where WKOX's signal goes at night.  I can't get 
it in Worcester, I can't get it in Westboro, and in fact, it isn't even 
clear in some parts of Framingham!  And as we know, forget about the south 
shore.  So, allegedly, where is its night pattern supposed to be heard?

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