NY Times Jr. Cops Out

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Fri Sep 24 17:52:31 EDT 2004

>(BTW, why do so many lower-powered non-comms
>utilize vertial antennas only?)

To avoid interference to TV channel 6, inasmuch as most TV signals in the 
US are H-pol (though an increasing number have gone circular) and all 
outdoor receiving antennas are H-pol.

One trick used by some DXers in search of signals via E-skip is to tweak 
the mounting of a Yagi antenna so it's vertically polarized. The skip 
scrambles the polarity of the received signal anyway, and so using a V-pol 
receive antenna reduces the signal from H-pol locals while still grabbing 
the randomly-polarized skip signals.


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