NY Times Jr. Cops Out

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Fri Sep 24 17:38:56 EDT 2004

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> > WERS for example has a following (soon to be diminished by
> > your departure) that recognizes it as a public station,
> > although not even NPR or PRI programs overlooked by the Bif
> > Two don't wind up there.
> Some of the NPR/PRI musical programs not heard on WGBH or
> WBUR can be heard in the Boston area on WUMB 91.9, nights
> and weekends. (You may hear it on WNEF 91.7 up there).
> Eli Polonsky
A couple of months ago, WUML-FM 91.5 in Loal 
(I use that spelling because of the commercioal that
contains the line "there's a lot to like about Loal")
was off the air for a day or so.  This was after WPAA-FM
91.7 disappeared.  I tried mightily to get a clear
signal from WNEF, but it was FAR weaker than Mother
Ship WUMB.  I guess a DA, vertical-only signal doesn't
make it in Massachusetts.
(BTW, why do so many lower-powered non-comms
utilize vertial antennas only?)
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