NY Times Jr. Cops Out

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> WERS for example has a following (soon to be diminished by
> your departure) that recognizes it as a public station,
> although not even NPR or PRI programs overlooked by the Bif
> Two don't wind up there.

Thanks for the compliment, but I've never been on WERS. The
station on which I'm discontinuing my show after next week
is WMBR at MIT.

WERS has always been almost exclusively for Emerson College
undergraduates, as the crown jewel of their communications
program. I never went to Emerson.

(WMBR is a student-run college station which was open to
accepting outside community members, more so in the past
than currently). 

By the same token, WERS is not interested in airing any
network programming. It's airwaves are for developing and
exhibiting the talents of their communications students.

Some of the NPR/PRI musical programs not heard on WGBH or
WBUR can be heard in the Boston area on WUMB 91.9, nights
and weekends. (You may hear it on WNEF 91.7 up there).

Eli Polonsky

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