NY Times Jr. Cops Out

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Fri Sep 24 17:51:45 EDT 2004

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> At 04:09 PM 9/24/2004 -0500, Laurence Glavin wrote:
> > > Perhaps what they meant by "public" radio stations is NPR affiliates.
> Noting first that the term "public radio" wasn't even really used in the US 
> broadcasting environment until about 1970, I'd draw a distinction between 
> the WERSes and WBURs of the world.
> I would agree with the Globe in defining a public radio station as one that 
> is listener- and underwriter-supported and which considers itself open to 
> and answerable to the community at large. 
> At heart, though, WRIU (and all the other campus noncomms in Rhode Island) 
> are student clubs, answerable only to the student body or perhaps the 
> college administration. There's not a single station on the NCE band in 
> Rhode Island that I'd classify as "public" radio in the sense in which the 
> word is commonly understood.
> Mark this phrase down, as you won't often see it coming from my keyboard: 
> The Globe got this one right.
> s
The comment "answerable only to the student body, etc"  has 
one caveat:  any station is answerable come renewal time.
I don't recall ever listening to WRIU, but imagine this
scenario:  WRNI is in fact sold to a commercial interest that
goes in a completely different direction, ethnic, "religious, etc.
Then Rhode Islanders, used to what they heard on WRNI, tune in to 
WRIU, and the latter proves to be a juvenile jukebox.  Then they
form an association to deny WRIU's renewal unless the 
the station become a CPB, NPR authorized affiliate.Or failing that
they set up a Rhode Island Public Broadcasting entity,
a la NH Public Radio.  
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