music and politics on radio

Dave Faneuf
Sun Sep 19 00:22:02 EDT 2004

In today's radio it does matter what a group owner decides to do in a
situation like this.  

Back in the old days if a station owner didn't want to support the
political views of an artist and pulled the recordings it wasn't really a
big deal because markets had more than one station all owned by different
people...diversity...not a bad word.  

Anecdotally I recall WLLH pulling a couple of songs during the Vietnam
War, even though they were number 1, because they were too "emotional"
but I was still able to hear them on other stations in the area.  

Today those individually owned stations are rare so we are talking groups
of stations, regional or national in nature.

I like Bruce Springstein...I also like Ted Nugent...if a "group" decides
to pull one or the other because of the political beliefs of either
artist, then that slippery slope that I talked about a few years ago has
been greased and we are sliding down it.  

Who cares what an artists politics are?  You like the song or you don't! 
If there is any other consideration then the rules need to be revisited

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