music and politics on radio

Bill O'Neill
Sun Sep 19 12:37:59 EDT 2004

Dave Faneuf writes:

> I like Bruce Springstein...I also like Ted Nugent...if a
> "group" decides
> to pull one or the other because of the political beliefs of either
> artist, then that slippery slope that I talked about a few
> years ago has
> been greased and we are sliding down it.

Group ownership affords the owners to impact boycotts on a far-reaching scale.
I just hope that Boycotts can work both ways.  If, for example, Clear Channel
bounces an artist off of its 2,875,100 radio stations it is conceivable (one
can only hope) that CC can be boycotted, too; they'd nix any socio-political
agenda faster than you can say "voice tracking."

Bill O'Neill

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