music and politics on radio

Sun Sep 19 21:47:45 EDT 2004

There have been a number of interesting responses to this post, but I don't 
think this theory has been mentioned.  You mention the station being album 
rock....I wonder how relevant an artist Bruce Springsteen is to today's AOR 
listener.  Classic rock, yes, but AOR, I'm not sure.  I would venture a 
guess that neither WBCN nor WAAF has played a tune by Bruce in many 
years.  To a 22 year old today, my suspicion is that Bruce is no more 
relevant to their lives than Elvis.  Would it create a similar stir if an 
altrock station removed an artist publicly supporting Bush?

While I'm very weary of actors/comedians/musicians who seem to consider 
themselves somehow more enlightened than the rest of us politically and get 
preachy about it, I'm not sure all that many people care.  I'm certainly 
not going to change my vote because some rock star endorses a particular 
candidate.  Would you?

Someone mentioned the Dixie Chicks in another post.  Other than the Beatles 
in 1966 (following John's remarks about being more popular than Jesus), the 
Chicks have to be one of the few times a currently hot artist got 
temporarily removed from airplay.  Weren't the stations that dropped the DC 
mostly responding to their listeners (and were mainly stations in 
conservative areas of the country)?   When Cat Stevens got "banned" a few 
years back he was pretty irrelevant anyway...did any stations other than a 
handful of soft ACs play any of his songs any more?

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