Entercom flips NY talker to Air America

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Sat Sep 18 10:45:21 EDT 2004

Bob Nelson:
> Wonder if WHAM will pick up any of them? Hannity is #2 nationwide;
> Savage #4 (in Talkers survey). Could be they (those shows)
> just need to be on a stronger signal, indeed.

Hannity is not heard in the Burlington-Plattsburgh market, although you can
catch him on WGY (810 Schennectady) but not all that well as you approach 800
kHz up north, eh?  WSNO (1450 Barre) carries him on their local signal.  Laura
Ingraham is now carried on WVMT (620 Burlington) up against Rush on WXZO (96.7
Willsboro)//WEAV (960 Plattsb.) Hannity could easily blow away Don (They've
got that middle market sound down real well) and Mike. He'd be up against Carr
(WVMT) and give the demo an alternative.  Interestingly, Air America is
tanking here, albeit on a weak Burlington area signal (1070?), amidst a
dog-leg to the left liberal constituency.  Why? Less a matter of philosophy,
more about just poorly executed talk radio, hands down.

If asked, I'd say that Hannity in the Burl/Platts market would be a

Bill O'Neill

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